Hustle Project 3 Blog

Through Project 3 of Hustle, I sought to answer the question “What steps should I take as a first year to better my chances of getting into the McIntire School of Commerce.” Even though I have time before I apply to McIntire, I wanted to learn how to best set myself up to get into McIntire, so I can study Finance. I wanted to remain relatively broad with my question so I had a higher chance of receiving a response, and also because I’m still trying to figure out my career path as I’m only a first year.

When considering who I wanted to contact for my anchor question, I quickly settled upon recent alums of the Commerce School as well as current students. I figured that these connections would provide recent insight into the application and acceptance process of the Commerce School. I ended up contacting 3 current students, 3 recent graduates, and 2 alums who were less recent, but they went to my high school as well as McIntire, so I figured that would mean an even higher chance of receiving a response. Unfortunately, I only received responses from the 2 alums who also went to my high school.

The two responses I received were very similar. Since they both had been out of UVA for a while, they couldn’t speak in depth to the specific classes, clubs etc. that I should take. However, they both advised that I work hard to obtain a high GPA, continue to get involved in clubs like Hack Cville that teach valuable skills that translate into the Commerce School, and also continue to get involved in clubs, like club Water Polo, that I love doing. While I didn’t receive any hidden tricks to get into McIntire, I appreciate the reinforcement that hard work and getting involved pays off with admittance into the Comm school which is my ultimate goal.