TJ Cox Campaign Calls for Debates in California 21st Congressional District

SELMA — Today, the TJ Cox for Congress campaign called for three televised, public town-hall style debates in the 21st Congressional District between Democratic nominee TJ Cox and Republican Congressman David Valadao.

The TJ Cox for Congress campaign outlined its proposal as follows:

— A pair of 60-minute, open to the public, televised debates — one in Delano, Kern County, because of its historical significance in agriculture and one in Lemoore at West Hills Community College, which is the primary secondary educational institution in Kings County. The people of the 21st Congressional District deserve a public forum in the district, not a pre-scripted, television studio interview.

— One Spanish community town hall debate. 60-minute, open to the public, televised and held in Mendota, Fresno County, which has been ground zero for water, immigration, and farmworker issues. An interpreter or voice-over, that both campaigns agree upon will be provided by the station(s) televising the debate.

— The debates should be moderated by a qualified journalist, professor or nonpartisan organization with experience moderating general election debates in the Central Valley. Both campaigns will agree upon the moderators.

The TJ Cox for Congress campaign made the following statement:

“The voters of the 21st Congressional District deserve the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates running to represent them in Congress. TJ Cox has spent the last six years investing over $65 million in building health clinics, job-training and educational facilities, and creating over 1,500 jobs right here in the Central Valley. In contrast, since elected to Congress in 2012, Valadao went to Washington and forgot about the people of the Central Valley. These debates will give the voters the opportunity to hear why Valadao votes 99% of the time with Donald Trump. Valadao can also explain his votes to take away affordable health care from his own constituents and his support of the Trump/GOP Tax Plan, which will create automatic cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Valadao says one thing at home but does the complete opposite in Washington. It should be interesting to see which version of Valadao actually shows up to the debates.”

The campaign is open to evaluating other fair and balanced debate requests as received that will ensure maximum accessibility for the people of the 21st Congressional District.

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TJ Cox is running for Congress in California’s 21st District. He is a family man, engineer and small businessman with a passion for community development. TJ is married to Kathleen Murphy, MD, a pediatric intensive care physician. They are the proud parents of four children.