Why Software Engineering at Holberton?

All my life I have been enraptured by the fact that an amalgamation of strong programming skills, algorithms and design can birth software that provide solutions that shape how we live, the future and open up possibilities.

I want to love complexity, be creative, successful and have a good life that would positively affect my loved ones and my nation. My pursuit to become a software engineer like Frances Elizabeth Holberton can aid my dreams.

Presenting me with a bold opportunity to wholly indulge in project based and peer learning, Holberton School provides the ultimate chance to apply myself with a society of likeminded persons which is the environment I need to achieve my dreams.

Holberton provides a novel paradigm — the chance to pursuing Full stack development at no upfront cost, thereby staking the cost on my success — a golden opportunity that makes achieving my dreams relatively affordable. The prospect of mentorship and association with real life software engineers and industry leaders can catalyze a formidable career in full stack development.

Holberton School is my dream haven.