#ShowMeTheMoney Part I
Chris Mocko

This is a great article, Chris. And you make some really solid points about taking the risk to put yourself “out there” and deliver content that people will want more of. People like you, Sage, Eric, Billy, Ethan and Kim are not just ambassadors for the sport of ultrarunning, you’re reaching out to a really niche market; I love it. Sure, I’ll sit down and enjoy a football or basketball game, but I’m a huge running nerd. I’d much rather geek out on Ginger Runner Live or see what Costco recommendation The Mocko Show has for me today. But like you said, you’re target audience is pretty small. But in my (obviously biased) opinion ya’ll (all the names mentioned above) put out such quality and/or entertaining content that I think it has the ability to reach outside the ultra community. The films that Billy and Ethan put out and the hilariousness that is The Mocko Show are pieces that I’ve shared with my non-runner friends and they love it; it’s something different an entertaining. Sorry for the rant, but my point is that I think the direction you’re heading in is appealing enough to a wider audience that people will want to tune in. All the best, man.

P.S. So stoked for GR Live next week!