A major slowdown in app development is the fact that you have to write code for different platforms. App development would be a lot cheaper if we could share some, or even all of the code between the platforms.

Its not easy to achieve code sharing currently, and still keep your app of high quality. (OK, it’s not easy to build an app of high quality… period 😛). However there are possibilities.

In this article I’ll discuss the main solutions in this space, without pointing you to the right solution. That all depends on your requirements. Like with everything in…

Originally published at http://tjerktech.wordpress.com on June 22, 2012.

When showing a ListView on Android, there are often more actions associated with a single list item. Providing access to these actions in a simple manner is not easy. This article provides insight into how this problem was solved in the past.

Consequently it explains an emerging UI pattern which provides a much better solution. And last-but-not-least, an open source implementation, which you can use in your Android project.

Important note: I did not invent this pattern, it is already used by some high quality Android apps, such as the new Spotify…

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One of the strong points of Android is that it allows apps to be tightly integrated with the platform. Apart from just opening an app it is also possible to write an app that enables users to access the functionality of that app in other ways.

I noticed that a lot of people are either not aware these features exist, or they don’t understand them fully. Because I think these features are important I decided to write a small article that dives into these features. I will also focus a little bit on how this work on Android 3.0 (the…

In this first article I will cover Model Driven Engineering (MDE , also called Domain Driven Design DDD) and briefly explain the core concepts of MDE. MDE is a relatively new research field in software engineering, the first ideas are from research papers in the end of the 20th century. A lot of research is done in the last decade and it has become more prevalent in the software industry.

First some of the problems that MDE tries to tackle are discussed. After that the core concepts of MDE are covered. The article will end with some applications of MDE.

What MDE Tries to Solve

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