What role can Blockchain play when hunting for a new job?
Mohit Mamoria

Someone hasn’t seen the Black Mirror installment entitled “Nosedive” (season 3, episode 1) or the installment of Community entitled “App Development and Condiments” (season 5, episode 8).

Not to say that I think there’s nothing worth exploring in distributed social review systems. I don’t think that. I just think there’s a degree of naiveté to the notions expressed as they relate to human psychology in terms of how we tend to make social judgments. The piece seems, to me, to oversimplify by, e.g., assuming no reviewers would be bad actors (reviewing maliciously), and by failing to consider well documented problems of bias in judgment like the negativity bias. These issues aren’t so critical when what’s being judged are things like restaurants and bars on Foursquare and such. They are critical, though, when they are on individuals and in a context — recruiting — with the potential to influence people’s livelihoods.

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