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  • Maximiliano Firtman (firt.dev)

    Maximiliano Firtman (firt.dev)

    mobile+web developer, author, trainer, speaker | Check firt.dev for more articles and learning experiences | PWAs, Web Performance, JavaScript, Mobile Apps

  • Enso (formerly Luna)

    Enso (formerly Luna)

    Hybrid visual and textual functional programming for data processing.

  • iA Inc.

    iA Inc.

    Musings from Information Architects Inc.

  • Lynne Tye

    Lynne Tye

    MIT. Neuroscience PhD dropout turned web developer. I’m the novelty-seeking ESTP and Ironman behind Key Values (www.keyvalues.com).

  • Andrej Karpathy

    Andrej Karpathy

    I like to train deep neural nets on large datasets.

  • Ahmet Alp Balkan

    Ahmet Alp Balkan

    Infrastructure Engineer at @Twitter

  • Preethi Kasireddy

    Preethi Kasireddy

    I do not publish on Medium any longer. You can find my latest writings here: www.preethikasireddy.com

  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson

    Working on Remix. https://remix.run

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