Global Serverless Apps with AWS Lambda & API Gateway

$ curl -sf | sh

Edge-optimized APIs

Regional APIs

$ up env set --region us-west-2 MESSAGE="Hello from us-west-2"
$ up --region us-west-2
$ curl
Hello from us-west-2
$ curl
Hello from us-west-2
$ up env set --region eu-west-2 MESSAGE="Hello from eu-west-2"
$ up --region eu-west-2
$ curl
Hello from eu-west-2

Global Databases

# Set env vars
$ up env set --region us-west-2 DB='postgresql://'
$ up env set --region eu-west-2 DB='postgresql://'
# Deploy new env vars
$ up production --region us-west-2
$ up production --region eu-west-2
  • Global deployments
  • Encrypted environment variables
  • Error alerting via Slack, SMS, and email
  • Deployment log with Git integration
  • Instant rollbacks
  • Active warming
  • Priority email support
  • Unlimited use in your team (any # of apps and developers)




Code. Photography. Art.

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TJ Holowaychuk

TJ Holowaychuk

Code. Photography. Art.

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