Introducing Apex

Project structure

Apex project directory structure
console.log(‘start foo’)
exports.handle = function(e, ctx) {
console.log(‘processing event: %j’, e)
ctx.succeed({ hello: ‘from foo’ })

Quick deploys

Rollback support

Apex function rollback

Streaming invokes

exports.handle = function(e, ctx) {
ctx.succeed({ value: e.value.toUpperCase() })
“event”: {
“value”: “Tobi the Ferret”
$ apex invoke upper < request.json
{“value”:”TOBI THE FERRET”}
$ echo -n ‘{ “event”: { “value”: “{{name}}” } }’ | phony | apex invoke upper{“value”:”BERNEICE LOVE”}
{“value”:”VINCENZO DIAZ”}
{“value”:”GINO LOGAN”}
{“value”:”TEREASA RHODES”}

Dry run

Deleting functions

Log tailing

Runtimes and Golang support

$ apex build <name> >





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