Up 0.2.0 — Stack updates, cost metrics, deploy size and more

Cost metrics

Stack updates

up stack apply

Inspecting deployment size

$ up build
$ up build > /tmp/out.zip


  • add support for ~/.aws/config region for profiles (thanks Francisco Guimarães)
  • add support for configuring the proxy timeout (thanks Adam Syed)
  • add ignoring of dotfiles by default (thanks Stephen Mathieson)
  • add support for ensuring Up’s files (./main, etc) cannot be ignored (thanks Henry Snopek)
  • add support for ** in ignore files
  • add environment variables to hooks (access while building etc)
  • add support for python requirements.txt
  • add stage name validation
  • add more examples, such as Node 8
  • validate the size of zip before attempting to deploy
  • validate stage name before attempting to deploy or copy url etc
  • removed .npmignore support
  • fix greedy default error page, add option to explicitly enable. Closes #233
  • fix support for Windows (forcing exec permissions at the zip level)
  • fix app.js default when package.json is present


$ up stack delete
$ up




Code. Photography. Art.

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TJ Holowaychuk

TJ Holowaychuk

Code. Photography. Art.

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