Up 0.6.0 — IAM Policies, Git Versioning, Deployment History, and more

IAM Policies

"name": "myapp",
"lambda": {
"memory": 1024,
"policy": [
"Effect": "Allow",
"Resource": "*",
"Action": [

Static Files for Dynamic Applications

"name": "app",
"static": {
"dir": "public",
"prefix": "/static/"

Environment Variable Improvements

$ up env set DB_URL=xxx DB_NAME=xxx
$ up env rm DB_URL DB_NAME
$ DB_NAME=test up start

Git Integration

$ up rollback -s production v1.9.0
$ up rollback -s production bd5950e

Deployment History

Annual Subscription


  • Added default proxy.command for Go and Crystal so up start “just works”
  • Added an up prune command to remove old versions from S3
  • Added --stage to the up build command
  • Added --stage to the up run command
  • Added robots.txt to deny access to non-production stages by default
  • Added stage-level overrides for Lambda warming configuration
  • Added support for explicitly specifying the DNS zone, or omitting it
  • Changed logs , metrics , and url to use --stage instead of arg
  • Changed --since short flag to -S (-s is used for stage now)
  • Removed automatic retries on 5xx errors




Code. Photography. Art.

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TJ Holowaychuk

TJ Holowaychuk

Code. Photography. Art.

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