Why are likes important?

Mostly everyone can tell you that getting a lot of likes on your Facebook or Instagram picture or post is important. Some may say that getting a lot of likes is important to them. But why? Likes are important, for one reason, to show that you are getting a virtual pad on the back. People are seeing your picture and liking it to show that they are seeing it. Some people may say that they don’t care about how many likes they get, but lets be real, they do. I have friends who will upload a picture on Instagram and it doesn’t get many likes, so they’ll delete it after a few minutes and post the picture at a later time, “prime Insta time”, so that it gets more likes. Another reason why likes are important is for business. Many clothing stores and websites will have younger aged people promote their business through social media. I have a friend from home who has over 5,000 Instagram followers and she promotes a clothing store online and posts her discount code with almost every picture she posts, and it’s also in her bio. Take celebrities for instance, they have millions of followers and companies pay them to post about their specific company on their posts so that their millions of followers will see them promoting their product and go out and buy it for themselves. Lastly, likes are important for people’s moral compass. People feel the need for others to approve their pictures and it makes someone feel good when their picture gets a lot of likes. Whether it just be because its a funny, cool, or clever picture or caption, getting likes is important for almost everyone, don’t let someone tell you otherwise.

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