Literature Review-Stress in Students

Stress is inevitable. No matter how effective, well prepared, or adaptable you are, life will find a way to make you stressed out. Stress may come when working in a job, studying for a test, or when anything negative happens in your life that was unexpected. Stress can happen to anyone at anytime in their life. However, I find that stress is most common among students, especially ones in college. There could be many reasons for this, but I believe the main cause is the amount of responsibility that is thrown onto the student.

Students are thrown into the world with little to no help, at least financially speaking. Students that receive full rides or have the luxury of rich parents to pay for college already have half of the reasons for stress solved. A student that doesn’t get scholarships or money from parents is in serious risk of stress. They have to simultaneously hold a job while studying for their education. Studying/education alone directly affects holding a job and what times you can work. Holding a job that requires a certain amount of hours per week means you are limited on time to study. It’s a vicious cycle that one can really only escape from through money.

This cycle can negatively affect you by inducing more and more stress. Stress can deprive you of sleep which will lower your performance in class and on the job. Stress in extreme enough situations can cause tremors and other physical reactions which is far beyond the levels of stress you should ever experience. I think stress is an overall exceptionally poor feeling that you never want to come near when in school. It will ruin a whole week to a whole month for you. By having stress you are inherently going to become more stressed if you do not eliminate it in some way. Stress is a danger to all students and they must be sure never to come near feeling it.

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