Why I fell in love with MailerLite — The best email software you’ve probably never heard of

Are you happy with your email platform? I’ve never really LOVED any that I’ve used (constant contact, bronto, Mail Chimp, klaviyo etc) but eventually you find one that works and just make do.

Last night I was searching for a new solution and stumbled on MailerLite. At first I thought, “what kind of name is that?” and my wife said something like “MailerLite, does that mean there is there a full version?”.

First Impressions

So the first thing I did was check out the features they offer. They have tons of features, lots of must haves that everyone in the email game has like a Drag-and-drop Editor etc. Then I saw they had newsletter templates and was pretty blown away by the caliber of some of their designs. Best part, they were FREE w/subscription. They were the nicest I’ve seen.

MailerLite has some fantastic growth tools such as popups, landing pages and embeddable forms. Lots of their features are pretty common amongst their competitors, yet after testing and using them, I enjoyed the UI and over all experience much more. I was able to quickly set up a form, add custom fields to it and launch it to start collecting signups. The custom fields were on a per form basis too. And you can use those in automations too! Keep reading.


The automation builder is my favorite tool. You can build simple or complex automated workflows using different triggers and actions. An example would be, if someone opens your email, but doesn’t click on a “learn more” button at the bottom of the email, wait 3 days and send them a follow up email. This is possibly on many other platforms, but mailerLite’s version is so smooth, cleanly designed, and very intuitive.

There are also incredible reports that show you deep insights on your automations.

Shopify App

They do have a lite Shopify app you can install. It builds some basic audiences based on your customers’ behavior


But how much does it cost? It’s FREE up to 1,000 subscribers. You also get the full features like their killer automation (more on that in a minute), landing pages and more on the free plan. Check out how they compare to MailChimp (what I was using). For up to 5,000 subscribers, MailerLite is $20, Mail Chimp is $50. That’s a $30 savings and for any small business, that’s a big deal!


  • Affordable and great for startups or small businesses
  • Support (I didn’t speak much about it, but I had a few API related questions and 2 of their team members answered my questions)
  • Automation
  • Beautiful app design


  • Their Shopify integration is pretty basic and not as robust as some other platforms out there, but I think they are working on making it better.
  • No ability to use dynamic coupon codes

In Conclusion

I’d highly recommened using MailerLite (affiliate link) for it’s beautiful app, price, and killer support. As a side note, their company culture is incredibly sweet. They have what they call “Workations” twice a year where the whole team is flown to a tropical, adventourus destination to meet and work. Read more about their company culture on their blog and try them out today!.

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