Invisible leash

My heart hurts. The invisible fence that separates me from my freedom makes is worse. I leave everyday but I must return. They know where I am at all times, all my moves are accounted for. They own me. “They” are the state. The more I pull away the shorter the leash gets. I must get away. Discipline is learned, respect is earned, and patience is the key to that invisible door that separates me from the world. 54 months in the concrete jungle and 9 more to go. Lessons learned behind these walls left a permanent imprint on the back of my mind. God has a plan for me. Being young, reckless and out of control he decided to put me on an invisible leash to guide me on the path to success. Show me right and wrong, and show me first hand other people’s mistakes so I can learn from them. The scariest part of my journey will be February 15, 2018, the leash will be taken off, I will obtain my freedom, I will regain control, and I will carry out messages that helped save my life. I’m the same kid who showed off with guns, kept my head low, and always looked for trouble. That’s not my mission anymore. My head is up, my chest is out, and a smile is the first thing I want to show off. Life is beautiful. Don’t take nothing for granted because god will humble you and place you on his invisible leash.

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