TJ’s Web Dev Logs: A New Series

This is my new series as of the moment: to create logs on how I do development work on my projects and things that I have built for my projects. I am very much inspired by Paul Lewis Dev Diaries.

I know I created a series of tutorials and thoughts on creating a Firebase filter-able list. (Part 1, Part 1.5, and Part 2). Don’t worry, I didn’t abandon them. But I would like to rewrite them though as part of my thought and development process.

Currently, I have built my first two (2) Polymer Web Components.

The first one is a simple layout wrapper to set a universal navigation header and drawer for my projects.

And the other one is a simple Polymer routing system that uses route patterns to navigate through custom-made page elements. It is inspired by Paul Lewis and Surma Supercharged episode on Routers, which was the basis for the Chrome Dev Summit site that Paul Lewis did.

I’m planning to create post on how I created these, especially the qairoe-app-router, and how they are going to be used.

I am currently developing a Polymer CLI Generator, inspired by Rob Dodson, to create a boilerplate for my projects that uses these two. I’ll be writing a post on it as well.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I would love to get feedback on all my works and if you have found a bug, please don’t hesitate to post an issue in their respective github repos and if it’s really useful to you, give me a heads up on it (or a star… that’s ok as well).

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