Hi Talia,
Craig Sullivan

Top notch response Craig. Well reasoned and indicative of an techie. In ways, I’m currently leading a similar life to Talia and the position you were in 30 years ago.

On good days, I tell myself that I’m so lucky because I have relatives living in parts of the ‘recovering world’, who haven’t got anywhere near as much opportunity as me. Let me continue to work 9 to 9 on my 9 to 5 and then hustle on my passion after hours.

Then on bad days, I ask myself; why? Why should I have to go through this?
Was a sold a dream undertaking a degree?
Had my parents’ sacrifices not built bridges of opportunities for me to climb up and walk across?

In between those two opposing emotional states, I reason that I have bills to pay and standards to maintain, so I never arrive at work with anything less than my a-game.

The Talia’s of this world are right…they are right because we have the choice to choose the life we want…we just have to be ready for the consequences of our choices.

I once took that approach whilst working at AOL. I told my line manager this role was not my passion. Two weeks later I got my p45. I learned from that moment, no matter the level of passion or compensation attached to the role. Just perform! Life seems to take care of itself from there.

p.s. Craig, I run a business group comprised of young men who want to make waves in the world. We would love to have you as our guest at our next event. Can we make it happen?

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