DPS909 Release 0.3: External and Internal projects

Last month, I was busy getting a lot of open source experience by participating in the hacktoberfest event. Throughout the event, I created four pull requests and coding features that I never been dealt with before. Since the event is over, my Prof has the students a brand new task and this one may be my favorite one yet. Allow me to explain.

My prof came up with an idea of everyone in the program participating in an internal open source project. This project is essentially a replacement for the old Seneca Planet. The planet was used to gather blog posts from the student’s blogs (including mine) through an RSS feed and display it all on that one site. Unfortunately, the owner of the code hasn’t updated it in ages making it the perfect opportunity to make a new one using new technology. I was nervous about finding an issue for this project since not much has been added and I didn’t know what I could work on but I decided to look for something the project didn’t have. I realized that the project doesn’t have a code of conduct so I decided to take the initiative and make one. A code of conduct may not seem like a huge deal but I think it’ll be important to have one since this project will have a lot of contributors (at least 50).

My prof also asked us to continue working on an external project and I also struggled with this part. If you have read my hacktoberfest stories, you’ll know that I’ve struggled with finding issues that I can work on with the amount of time and skill I have. Looking back at the feedback I received from those issues, I decided to try something bigger since I have more time to work on it now. I decided to work on a quiz mode for the emojibops repository. I previously did an issue for one of the owner’s other projects during the 2nd week of hacktoberfest. I hope she trusts me with this task and assigns me to the issue. This issue is much bigger than the previous issues I’ve worked on and I’m honestly excited to start coding for it.

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