DPS909 Release 0.4: A continuation of the previous release

We’re currently in the final week of November and my open source journey in this course is about to come to an end. For my final assignment, it’s pretty much a continuation of Release 0.3. I’ll be working on a new external project issue while continuing to assist with the internet project. Like always, I haven’t decided on an external issue yet but I do have an internal issue picked out.

For my internal issue, I’ll be modifying one of the functions found in the project. The update() function found in the inactive blog filter module isn’t asynchronous like it should be so I’ll be making modifications to make it asynchronous. This can be done with the help of promises which is something I’ve used in the past so it shouldn’t be too hard but I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes me a while to make sure it’s working perfectly fine. This will also be my first time providing code for the project as well so I hope the process of passing all the tests and creating a pull request goes pretty smoothly.

As for my external issue, I haven’t decided on what I would like to work on yet. I have found a few projects that I’m sort of interested in working on though. Out of all of the projects shown, I’m sorta interested in this issue posted on the habitica repository. The email field in the user settings doesn’t seem to be working as intended and I think I can help out and fix it. I’m a bit worried about contributing to this project but I should give it a shot instead of running away so soon. Let’s see where I head off to next.

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