Hacktoberfest Week 1: First Steps

We’re finally in the month of October which means that the Hacktoberfest event has begun. In my previous post, I mentioned a few issues I could take on and some goals I would like to achieve. Unfortunately, the issues I’ve mentioned have been already taken or a bit complicated for me to take on at the moment. My goal of contributing to a well-known application will also be a bit complicated of course so I might just stick to the basics and start small.

I decided to search for my first issue on the issuehub.io website and found myself on the repository for an app called Chuck. Chuck is a to-do and personal planner web app built using JavaScript and Angular. The issue I caught my eye was a request to add buttons to simplify navigation between the login and signup pages. I decided to take on this issue mainly because it was a small task and I didn’t want to do anything too big as of right now. I requested to take on the issue and I was eventually assigned to it.

The first step I did with solving the issue was to think of how to solve it exactly. The original way the user could navigate between the pages was through the home page and that could be a tedious task for some users. Of course, there are multiple ways to solve this issue like adding the signup and login links in the navigation bar but I decided to add something pretty basic that I’ve seen on other websites. I decided to add “Don’t have an account?” and “Already have an account?” links to the login and signup pages respectively.

Image for post
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The signup page with the new “Already have an account” link

The owner also requested a cancel button on the login page so I’ve added a button that redirects the user to the home screen (which may not be needed since the user can just click back to the home page).

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Overall, this was a simple small issue but I was happy to be a part of someone’s project. My goal for next week is to do something more than adding links to web pages. I still plan on mainly doing JavaScript related projects so let’s see how my journey will go on from here

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