Hacktoberfest Week 3: Just a small pull request

The last couple of weeks have been very interesting and I had a bunch of stories to tell. The first week was me getting my feet wet in the open-source community and the second week was me struggling to find an issue. If you were expecting another cool story this week, I don’t have anything to tell you. I’ve been overwhelmed with things going on outside of my open-source course (two of them being midterms) so I couldn’t go all out on my original plan. Silly me decided to wait till the last minute to find an issue to complete and I’m pretty sure every programmer knows that it takes time to figure these issues out. I didn’t have the time for this since I was busy for the last few days so I decided to find something small.

I looked back into some of the previous repositories I’ve looked at to find something to work on but most of the repositories I previously worked on or looked at aren’t really being worked on right now or have issues I can’t find the solution to with all the time I have. One of the repositories I previously looked into was emojipages. Originally, this repository featured a bunch of issues and pull requests for adding little things to the site and that didn’t seem to be something up my ally so I avoided it initially. When I came back to this repository, I noticed that a lot of those issues were gone and more issues related to CSS and features popped up so I decided to pick one. I picked an issue that wanted me to add a link to the front page of the site. Yes, this is a very simple task that can be done in under an hour but I wanted to just do it for the sake of touching CSS.

The owner provided an example of what she wanted it to look like so I decided to try my best to replicate it. After completing the task I realized that the icon that she wanted me to add didn’t look so good on the front page. The “g” in the icon didn’t look very noticeable and was very thin. I wanted to try something my way like adjusting the color or finding a new icon altogether. I realized that trying to do things my way probably wasn’t a good idea because I wasn’t following the original request if I were to make things how I wanted it to look. I decided to just push what I had and created the pull request.

Instead of merging the branches, the owner got back to me and told me that she didn’t like how the icon looked in the screenshot so she asked me to change it to a generic bookmark icon. Not only was I surprised that she wanted me to make a quick adjustment to work I’ve already completed but I was also surprised that she had a similar opinion on the icon. I realized that I probably should have done things my way and brought it up as a suggestion. Regardless, I’m still afraid to do such a thing because I feel like doing things outside of the request can lead to negative or positive feedback. It’s a risk I didn’t want to take.

For this week, I didn’t really learn much from the programming side due to how small this request was but I still had some interactions with people on github at least. You may have recalled that I created a pull request for a repository last week right? Unfortunately, my pull request was not merged into master and was left open for days after. Finding this out kinda made me feel a bit meh inside but I still moved on like it was nothing since I still learned something from it anyway. I try to make up for the uneventful week by doing something a bit bigger for next week. I can’t wait to see what I can do next

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