MicroNote: a web-based note-taking app

Timothy Morris
Sep 13 · 1 min read

MicroNote is a small web app that handles the simple task of note-taking. Of course, web-based note-taking apps can already be found on the web but what makes this one unique is how easy and lightweight it is. The user can easily type up whatever they have in mind, close the tab, and move on with their day without having to worry. The app automatically saves everything so when you get back on, your notes will be there waiting to be read.

Screenshot of the MicroNote web app

I specifically made some design choices to help bring out the Note aesthetic more. I’ve changed the background of the app to the exact color of a yellow post-it note ( #FFFF88), used the chilanka font from Google Font, and provided a thick black sharpie-like border around the text.

Working on this project has helped revitalize my interest in web development and I hope I can continue to play around with web programming in the future. If you would like to have a look at the code or help contribute to my project, please click here to check out my GitHub repository.

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