So you are ready to make the move. You have your moving checklist ready, and you have the cardboard boxes ready. But what are the 8 things that you should consider before moving to the vibrant city of Cardiff?

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A first year student in need of some quick cash, I decided, a week before my last exam of the season, that I would sell my revision notes.

This decision was one that I had been contemplating for a while. I’ve always had a knack for taking large amounts of course content and compressing it into a more readable format. For years my lower school friends and teachers would tell me that I should be “charging for these notes”, so this time I decided to see whether this was actually possible.

Fortunately, my course had a curated list of the people on it in the form of a Facebook group, which was extremely useful as my target audience was already clearly established. This also had benefits over using a targeted email to the school mailing list as I could guarantee the message would be seen, visually establishing how many of my peers had viewed the message. …


Taylor Rees

Tinkerer and maker of things.

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