My iPhone home screen — 2016 Edition

One of my favorite ATL startup people (who also named his blog after a pretty great REM song) threw out an old challenge — what’s on your iPhone home screen? I’ve always liked this for two reasons:

  1. It encourages me to clean house. My iPhone is like my closet at home — full of random shit I acquired and then didn’t know what to do with
  2. INSPIRATION! What cool apps do others use?

So here we go:

My cute ass kid

The usual suspects are on here — messaging, spotify, calendar, etc. But here’s a rundown of what I have on my home screen and why

Facebook — the only reason i call this out is what’s curiously absent from my homescreen after my re-org: twitter. I have come to love and hate twitter. I’m a naturally upbeat and optimistic person but I find that twitter is making me more and more caustic. Human communication is so much more than 140 characters. I find that it rewards snark — and that I’m 10x more likely to be an asshole on twitter than I am on Facebook.

Instagram — still the very best social media app.

Safari — i never thought i’d say this but I like the user experience of safari better than chrome (on iPhone only — still a chrome user on my mac)

Uber — now that I have a kid I’m less likely to get bombed at Twains and uber home. BUT! I can see a future where I start taking uber into the office on a semi regular basis. In many ways i’m loyal to my gen x roots — but in others, namely hating my car, I’m a millennial at heart. Taking uber is aprime example

Pocket — i’m obsessed with this app. It’s still, in my opinion, the best way to read articles

Wunderlist — this is how my wife tells me what shit she wants me to do. and how she holds me accountable

Flipboard — it’s one of the OG news apps from the beginning of the iPhone but still pretty great to me

Waze — the UI is literal and actual garbage but damned if the app knows how to get me somewhere 3 minutes ahead of schedule while making 15 left hand turns across 4 lanes of traffic. it’s the only real risk i have left in my life.

Slack — we’re heavy duty slack users at Standard Code. i estimate it’s reduced my email by 60%. what it doesn’t do well is search and preserve history. for those things email is still superior. also, who doesn’t love the /giphy integration?

NPR News — i’m a bleeding heart who wants to date Terry Gross. sue me

Fly Delta — i’m an Atlantan which means I fly delta every damn where. this app has seen such considerable and marked improvements over the years

Mobile Pass —i’m on the road overseas every 4–6 weeks so this helps skip the lines at Hartsfield — except when you encounter an airport employee who doesn’t know what the app is. then they make you stand in the regular line LIKE A REGULAR PERSON. THE WORST.

Stocks — because i like to think I’m some kind of day trader but in fact i’m just an asshole with a retirement account that i check obsessively

Podcasts — one of my business partners has been trying to get me to listen to podcasts for like 6 years now. i’ve ignored him all this time. but one of my friends told me about the Presidential podcast and now i’m all into learning esoteric facts about James Monroe. friends > partners. sorry jared!

Notes — seriously, am i the only dude under the age of 50 still using old school Notes app? screw all you evernote users — i’m keepin it real

Ok, that’s my phone.