Lapentor — dawn of VR publishing tool

For anyone who still seeking where to host and build your virtual tour, Lapentor is your new choice. Lapentor is an online editing & publishing tool for Virtual tour. In just 10 minutes you could create an informative & engaging virtual tour like this:

Lapentor has all you need to host, publish and create an informative, beautiful and professional Virtual tour. Business of all size can use Lapentor, such as:
- Real estate corporation, company, or agents.
- Panoramic Professional photography studio.
- Panoramic photographer.
- Marketer
- …etc…

Some of Lapentor’s plugins

Lapentor have plenty of plugins and themes for you to choose and it’s fully customizable to suite your brand & use case. To name a few plugins:
- Little planet
- Lens flare
- Web VR
- Gyroscope
- Background sound
- Introduction popup
- Image gallery
…and much much more

Learn more at: