Milking The Cow Is Not Sexy

Milking the cow isn’t sexy.

Entrepreneurship is hard work, you are going to do a lot of grinding and grunt work, over and over.

Gary Vaynerchuk states that you’ll be putting the axe to the tree and chopping away daily. 99% of milking the cows. You’ll will have to milk the cow every morning. Every.fricking.morning. How many people can do that, day in and day out, over and over? If you want to be successful you will do it.

Milking the cow is not sexy. And most people want the sexy way to a successful business. Glitz, glamour, and fame.

But entrepreneurship isn’t glamorous. It’s non-sexy. It’s hard, down in the dirt, dirty fingernails work.

And most people are allergic to hard work.

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