Five basic clamp dyed patterns — what they signify of your personality

Clamp dyed more popularly known as tie and dye technique, has been stemming from a rich fabric heritage. It has been around for ages and is very carefully made. Creating colorful deigns and unique patterns are a fun process.

Clamp dyeing technique typically involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth and binding it. The cloth is then dyed in indigo. Whatever material is used to bind the fabric will resist the dye, resulting in areas of the cloth that take the distinctive blue dye in patterns created by the resistance, and other areas of the cloth that remain white.

Your choice of clamp dyed pattern could enhance some special points in your personality.

1. Fan clamp dyed pattern

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Fan pattern gives the illusion of fullness. Pattern enhances the personality,as the pattern always makes you stand out.

Short people should try and wear this pattern in skits and pants or plazos, as they will bring out the best features in their personality.

2. Triangular clamp dyed pattern

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Geometric patterns always symbolize suggests a loud and confident personality. It appears to have a much more relaxed and laid-back attitude. This pattern speaks of a concept that signifies “what is beautiful is good”.

This shape of one single character has the ability to visually communicate on its own, but the visual communication becomes even stronger when placed on an equally appealing fabric. A small body type will seem even bigger with this pattern in clamp dyed style. It is an ideal choice if you want to stand out on stage or if you want to make an impression in a meeting.

3. Circular patterned Clamp dyed

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Curved and circular shapes are considered the friendliest as they have no sharp or dangerous corners. Circular shapes have a natural tendency of being soft and harmless and evoke likable characters. Many of the most well-known protagonists are designed around circular concepts.

Circular patterned clamp dyed styles are best suited for friendly get-together, late night functions and picnics.

4. Clamp Dyed in Square Shape

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Square-like shapes relate to straight vertical and horizontal lines that communicate strength, stability and confidence. Squares can both be large and daunting or comforting and clumsy. They often depict steadfast characters that are dependable and are commonly associated with superheroes or the heavy persona.

It’s best to wear such patterns as stoles or dupattas. They suit all meetings and professional occasions. Those with a slim figure and good height look best in this pattern as it brings out their personality the best. It is ideal for all though, especially when you want to make a point or impression. Carry a stole with square shed clamp dye with you in your next presentation; you will see people listening to you more than usual.

5. Contrasting patterns clamp dyed

A mix of patterns and use of different colors creates an aura of mystery and is more enchanting. It creates a charm which one you come in contact with can’t resist. Everyone wants to explore the unknown and unintended patterns create that perfect blend of mystery and unknown that could signify a deep thought or unexplored.

It’s ideal wear for dates and first meetings. Just jam it up with beautiful and contracting accessories; your charm will be alluring and irresistible.

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