Modestly expressed through Exotic Fashion of Afghan Tribal Jewelry

Afghanistan has been at war almost constantly since 1979 and decades of devastation created the need for many to sell their personal jewelry and traditional clothing. This is how antique Afghan Tribal Jewelry came in market. They being so intricately crafted became a sensation in markets overnight. For centuries, clothes and jewelry have been passed on from generation to generation in this land. But, the recent war destroyed much of the legacy and makes it difficult to carry on the craftsmanship. But for as long as they are lasting, they have maintained the same style as they were 3000 years back.

Afghan ethnic or indigenous jewelry at the beginning of the twenty-first century is frequently referred to as nomadic jewelry.

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The Making

Wide variety of stones, available in this region makes it perfect for locals to design and manufacture the most beautiful handmade jewelry. The locals, also fully utilize this precious gift of nature, and implement some of the best ideas into the jewelry form. However, they do it with very limited resources available to them. Due to lack of infrastructure and insufficient resources, primarily due to unstable conditions, these stones are mined and processed locally, by using the traditional means. Jewelry makers then use these stones and silver (possibly some other metals too) to come up with the kind of products we see in the markets.

Significance of its raw material

Beautiful Afghan women wear jewelry for adornment, while men wear it only on their wedding day, much for its symbolism. Sterling silver is preferred as a metal as it signifies modesty in their culture. Agate is believed to bring good luck and protection; lapis lazuli is considered to bear healing powers. Thus, we find the presence of these in much quantity in all Afghan jewelry.

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Exquisite though the jewelry may be, with many semi-precious stones and intricately crafted in silver, it is worn by Afghan women daily, even among those toiling in the fields. It is just more emphasizing the fact that what skillful craftsmanship they behold.

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One of the most interesting aspect of the Afghani tribal jewelry is it’s bold, big and beautiful designs. The tribes of this whole region are also much known for their bravery and therefore, have a long history of wars and foreign invasions.The long preiods of wars and struggle have found reflections in their jewelry designs, where some of the rings look nothing less than an armor’s shield. Other than their designs, the size of jewelry is also significantly larger as compared to the everyday jewelry designs, popular these days. This difference in both design and size, makes these this jewelry very unique.

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Kochi Jewelry

Kochis or Kuchis are Afghan nomads similar to Arabian Bedouins, primarily from the Ghilji tribal confederacy. Their designs are mostly widely known and more popular than the rest of the tribes, it could be because of their major movements across the region also.

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Afghan tribal jewelry is loved and liked by many, but their artisans mostly remained unknown and remain in utter poverty and sheer fear. We hope that they do get a fair reward of their dedication for keeping this tribal tradition alive.

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