This is why we should use Copper Utensils.

Copper utensils were used since ancient times mainly because copper was the only available metal and it was only later that its health benefits were found out. But with time and the discovery of other metals copper vessels have gradually vanished.

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Copper can destroy unwanted Virus and Bacteria. Copper vessels could keep water and food clean and fresh for a long time. Even ancient Egyptians used copper vessels for this purpose. Coming to science, it says that copper vessel can be used to kill bacteria that causes food poisoning.``

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Copper has anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful for those suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory pains. Properties of copper helps in relieving from aches and pains caused due to inflamed joints. Copper also has bone and immune system strengthening properties. Copper utensils use is also noted to improve the production of red blood cells, hemoglobin, and bone matter because copper is partially responsible for the efficient uptake of iron from food sources.

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It actually makes you smarter! And this may not be an exaggeration. It actually can stimulate your brain. More specifically copper promotes the synthesis of phospholipids, which are essential in the formation of myelin sheaths which are the ‘highway’s’ in between neurones in your brain. So improving those ‘highway’s’ will make synopsis’ between neurones faster and thus making your brain quicker and more efficient. See — SMARTER!

Copper pots hanging from the kitchen ceiling or wall with the sun glimmering off them is an image that brings up many emotions. Copper, the ‘jewelry for the kitchen,’ gives a homey, warm atmosphere is often used by professional cooks who really know their stuff.

Copper is considered an essential mineral for our body. Ayurveda recommends storing water overnight in a copper jug and drinking it first thing in the morning for maintaining good health. We see our grandmothers, many sadhus and sanyasis still following this practice. The water stored this way is called ‘Tamra Jal’ and it helps to balance all three doshas (Kapha, Vata and Pitta.) The metal copper has electromagnetic energy which is called Prana Shakti. Drinking water that is stored for 8–10 hours in a copper vessel is very beneficial. Copper makes the water ionic which helps to maintain body’s pH (acid-alkaline) balance.

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Copper is also preferable over other traditional materials like cast iron or enamel pots and pans in that it is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to be safe on top of the stove. It is a durable metal and hygienic, as it does not rust or corrode. In addition, copper has an antibacterial property; copper is toxic to germs and bacteria.

Chocolate, caramels and jams are traditionally cooked in copper kettles, as this enable precise temperature control.

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Ultimately, copper utensils enhance your immunity, reflex your cells and provide a basic potion of mineral content for the body. Only thing to be careful about is to not use copper utensils for acidic food and beverages like curd, tamarind or lemon. But incorporating copper can bring about major change in your lifestyle.

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