Mud, Stains, and Clothes With a Life Lesson

Every morning she would wake up and look out the window. Her name was Mary. The neighbor’s mud stained clothes tainted Mary’s view every morning. She would tell her husband about the neighbor’s clothes, and he would change the subject every time.

One day Mary looked out the window and noticed that her neighbor’s clothes were whiter than ever. She asked her husband, “Who told our neighbor that her clothes were always dirty? She must have gotten up really early today to wash.” The husband responded, “I was the one that woke up early today, and I cleaned the window. It had stains and was dirty.”

We judge others often and fail to see our own flaws.

It is human nature to judge others, this is how we become complacent with our status. Complacency is what limits our ability to excel at everything we do.

Like Mary, we so often focus on only one aspect of our lives that we are satisfied with and we forget to take into account all the other aspects. The aspects that we fail or are weak on. Mary failed to clean her house, and due to this she viewed the outside world as dirty.

Don't let your own mistakes taint your view on society or others. When you have made a mistake own up to them and take responsibility to make a difference.

Stop being so caught up with your success and instead focus on being great at everything you do. Because life is not a competition to see who is the best at something, its an experience that you must enjoy.