Tegan’s Swaggy Life

1.) I have two dogs named Stacy, and Nessa. I also have a hedgehog named Dolce. I like photography and want go to college for it. I’ve been vegetarian for five years and don’t plan on eating meat because it grosses me out. I hate eggs because they taste disgusting and smell. I’m a really bad driver and I don’t know how I got my license. I also like traveling and want to travel a lot when I’m older. I like reading about conspiracy theories in my free time.

2.) https://youtu.be/gljF_XNI67g I chose the song march madness by future because it’s a classic song. This song inspires me to do work because future is rich and I want to be like him. Also it’s a catchy song and puts me in a good mood.

3.) At 9:00 pm I was finishing homework I had for physics, algebra, and amstud. Then I took a shower when I was all done.

4.) Oprah Winfrey inspires me because she had a rough childhood and was abused but now she makes bank so even though she had a rough childhood she didn’t feel sorry for herself she kept going. She’s also ambitious and smart. Nelson Mandela because he’s a peaceful guy and spent years in jail for standing up for what he believes in. Dalai Lama since he’s also peaceful and teaches others compassion. He also has a Nobel peace prize and that’s inspiring.

5.) My dream is to go sky diving when I’m older because that would be an interesting experience. You also get a different view of our surroundings.

6.) The three symbols I chose were money for greed, people arguing, and a dove for freedom. I feel like people in America are often selfish and worry to much about money. I did people arguing because there’s different issues in America that most don’t agree with. Lastly a dove because American citizens have a lot more freedom than others.

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