She’ll do it

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any second now

in the box

influx of information something

forward to reach an end


That’s a command to

be slash

cause communication

a two way etcetera

cause I don’t have time for you either

When, un-soil ten-thousand years ago

ice sheets and ice men wandered

a place glacial

sparse, unconcerned with when one would reply.

They didn’t have to.

They always answered their emails.

Answer my fucking email.

Connected, simplicity takes

little effort lest the keystrokes so listen:


If I don’t receive the parking pass you promised in the next thirty minutes I’ll be forced to put my auto on the road where signs say no-go. Please.

Tapped foot to minutes tick

still the weight

only so much social to peruse

til the key turns

and I come to you.

Please respond in kind so I



Now racing.

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