7/21 Mass Comm HW

What is the impact of mass media?

Media convergence is described as the overlapping of different media platforms. Earlier in the reading Brooke Erin Duffy described it as a merging between “traditional” and “old” media industries and took a firm stance that media convergence was a negative.

I do not believe we have attained the full potential of media convergence. On one hand the converging has just begun with television advertising shows getting their own radio stations but on the other we haven’t seen much print to television. It certainly hasn’t reached it’s full potential just because of how much media convergence branches out and how things even like billboards are factors in mass media. Those things haven’t experienced media convergence yet but Klinenberg suspects media convergence as a good strategy to get maximum output to the world.

Eric Klinenberg on page 149–150 discusses how he believes journalist’s challenge in adapting to the new media environment is not going to be as hard to tackle as one may think. He knows there is challenge in ways like adjusting to the timing. Newspaper release in the morning and inked up with articles that may have happened in the afternoon of the day before while adapting to the digital age the journalist are going to have to get used to dropping everything and being prepared to write an article to upload instantly via web. This creating more responsibility in the same work time. Beyond that Eric thinks this should be an easy transition that should move freely for journalists because the core of writing the articles is not changing much in the digital age.

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