Changes to Twitch Prime

SO let me get this straight my prime account, which I’ve had for YEARS, now. And I have weathered price increases from $79 to $119, over the years. This being allowed that Amazon kept adding services, and benefits. And that was appriciated, and rewarded with TENs of THOUSANDS of dollars in purchases for Amazon, Hours of watching Amazon content, and Twitch streams as well. Then Twitch peddles free loot for games that only some people have, and free games (many during prime day time frame, which lead to more sales for Amazon) that I would never have any interest and honestly haven’t played more than 90% of. And now I see that after THIS year’s Prime runs out, I gotta see ads? Ohh to help creators? uhhuh!! Says the streaming service owned by one of the largest retailers in the world. Amazon’s looking out for creators? What a steaming pile of a LIE!! Listen I think it is GREAT timing that STEAM.TV. WHY? well the service that I paid for and the perks are being taken away, WHILE prices of the account increase? Hey Twitch, if you wanna punish loyal viewers, Good go for it. Blockbuster had it’s rise and fall as well!

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