Image Source: Mandel Ngan

A woman who works for a diamond jeweler in New York City, recently opened up to the New York Post about the time she panicked, when she realized the one-million dollars worth of gems she was carrying was misplaced on a subway train.

The woman said she was so shaken by the blunder, that she could barely breath, due to hyperventilating. Items lost on a train, especially in a transit system as large and as vast as New York City’s transportation system, are very rarely retrieved. However, in this case specifically, luck was on her side. A train cleaner who was cleaning the car she was traveling in, discovered the gems, and brought them straight to police, who in turn reunited her with her jewels completely intact.

Grand Central Station

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous because her employer is not aware of the mishap said she was traveling on the New Haven Line, from New Rochelle, when she stored the jewels in an overhead cabin compartment, she eventually forgot to retrieve, telling the Post,

“Normally I keep it in between my legs, but I was trying to be courteous to other riders, so I put it up.”

When the train made it to its destination, Grand Central Station, she got off the train, and headed straight for the exits, until she realized the bag containing the gems was missing. Wrought with fear, anxiety and confusion, she immediately went to the stations lost and found department, who didn’t recall seeing the bag. Transit officals allowed her to search the cars of the train until it was scheduled to go to it’s next destination, with no luck.

Snapshot of New York City’s Diamond District

In the meantime, a train cleaner began his shift cleaning cars, when he discovered the bag, and immediately alerted MTA police who brought in bomb sniffing dogs to scope out the situation. The transit police officer ultimately brought the bag to lost and found, where it was there for the woman to retrieve the second time around.

The woman was asked to fill out a police report, where she had to detail the items in the bag, which included several pieces worth $246,000, $176,000, and $130,000 respectively, along with other pricey items. The total value of the contents of the bag she assessed at over $1 million, according to the New York Post.

The woman eventually made it work, where she inconspicuously slipped back into her office without her co-workers knowing anything every went wrong.