Video Production

After our successful meeting with Magdalen at Parissi Coffee shop in Brixton, our group decided to sit down and split up the filming that was required for the two minute video. We wanted to be efficient in our filming to make sure that we were able to get the most amount of footage.

Inital Storyboard for video
Rough Draft of Scene List for Videos and Photos

We knew the content was all in this shot list, (it just needed a bit of re-organizing) so we each took a section of Brixton, and documented the area with videos and photos.

We created a criteria for the filming and photos:

  • Still shots of places and shops
  • Dynamic, energetic and engaging
  • More content than less so that when we edit there was enough content to pull from

We didn’t want to limit anyone’s filming, and decided that having more shots of the same things from various angles would work better than just approaching a shot from one direction. We can always cut the ones we don’t need for our video. Having additional filming will help just incase we decide to go in another direction for the video, we will still be able to use the footage we got.

There were four group members and we scouted out four different locations. The other two group members will be editing the video content.

Each group member would cover an area of Brixton and this allowed us to make sure that each area of Brixton would be filmed and photographed. We gave ourselves an hour to initially film and then meet up again and discuss our observations and talk about what footage we shot.

Photos taken during filming

Areas of Brixton the video and photos focus on:

  1. Brixton Village: take videos and photos of produce stands, clothing shops, restaurants.
  2. Markets on the outskirts of Brixton Village: shoot videos of people interacting with the stands. In addition grabbing photos/videos of the Brixton initiatives (e.g. Save Brixton Arches)
  3. Pop Brixton: shoot videos of this new development in Brixton.
  4. Gentrified High Street: showcase how much the high street is filled with commercial stores and goods.

We proceeded to meet up again an hour later and discuss our findings, we briefly viewed the footage and agreed that it was a good start for the video. Next, we compiled our footage and handed it to the other two group members who would be editing and putting it together.

The other two group members met and began to compile which footage would be used for the final film. They watched all the different videos and photos to come up with an idea of how to compile them all together. Over the weekend, the pair will edit the video and write a script for the voiceover that will be featured in the film. If any additional filming needs to be done, we will have the weekend to go back to Brixton.

Photo taking during filming