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Miami Beach, FL

Most Fashionable Real Estate in Miami, Florida

Discover the most glamorous luxury residences in Miami, most fashionable addresses, hottest brands, and the beautification in the details that make the most supremely desirable palaces in South Florida real estate…

Immerse yourself in the following infographic from fashion icon and founder of Sky Five Properties, Kaya Wittenburg, to uncover to most spectacular real estate listings in Miami, the fashion labels changing the Florida luxury property landscape, and the finer touches that define the most valuable residences.

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#Infographic from @Sky5Properties

Miami Real Estate Facts


“America’s Cleanest City” by Forbes

“Richest City in the United States” UBS

“58.7% of Miami Real Estate Purchases are Cash Deals” [CoreLogic]

#2 City for Making the Most Money on Rental Property – Miami Herald

Top 14 City for Best Short Term Income Gains and Long Term Equity Gains — Zillow

5 Most Luxurious Miami Real Estate Listings

Kaya’s top luxury Miami real estate listing pics:

1. 40 Star Island Drive

Star Island real estate is the most prestigious in the world. Those searching for Star Island homes for sale will find 40 Star Island Drive a masterpiece serving up almost 90,000 sq. ft. of space, for a bargain at an appropriately priced $40M.

2. The Penthouse @ the Porsche Design Tower

2% of the world’s billionaires have claimed a residence here. Yet, the best view is still available.

3. 7122 Fisher Island Dr. #7122

This magnificent unit at Palazzo Del Mare is among the most beautiful Fisher Island homes for sale. The views are literally to die for, while the interior boasts Cavalli Home Collection finishes and Baccarat crystal lighting.

4. 212 S. Island Drive Dr., Golden Beach

Discover fantastic modern design in this ultra-exclusive Golden Beach home.

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5. The Mansions at Acqualina

When someone who has dined with the Versace family describes an evening at a community as “blissful paradise,” you know there is something special about it. The 47th floor penthouse went under contract for $50M earlier in 2014.

Name Watch: 5 Hottest Brands Coming to the Miami Real Estate Market in 2015

According to Miami’s hottest developer consultant, Wittenburg five of the top brand names coming to the Miami market for 2015 are Armani, Porsche, Fendi, SLS and Edition.

Kaya also says to watch out for new developments from the Mandarin Oriental and Banyan Tree brands.

Miami to Bend it Like Beckham in 2015

Will Miami real estate bend it like Beckham in 2015? Plans for a highly anticipated new soccer stadium and team from the famous English footballer David Beckham are hoped to be finalized in 2015.

5 Magical Ingredients of the Most Desirable Miami Properties

“The Most Divine Luxury Residences are Differentiated by the Details…”

When it comes to picking an ultra-luxurious residence or investment property in Miami that will really deliver on value, and do its fair share of wealth generation, success is all about the details.

In particular:

1. Sizzling Signature Features

2. Floor plans

3. Spectacular Entrances

4. Real Gyms

5. What the Help is Wearing

If there is one person that knows what it takes to design the most stylish and valuable spaces in Miami, it’s Kaya Wittenburg. So how is he helping to design some of the most amazing real estate art, and successful luxury buildings ever created?

In his own words…

“When I take on an urban development or a destination resort development, I often play the role of a surrogate COO. Helping with anything and everything that a developer might need.

Some of those things are:

· Bringing a hotel flag to the property

· Assisting with the design of all common areas

· The creation of fashionable uniforms for the staff

· Using my background as a Hollywood television producer to create dynamic video

· Setting prices

· Drafting business plans for a condo hotel management program

· Feasibility studies

· Introductions to key equity partners for JVs

1) Developers often overlook the need for a key ‘sizzle’ signature item. Maybe it’s a pool with a glass bottom or side that can be viewed from a lounging area or a hydro therapy ecosystem by the pool. Cookie cutter typical plans don’t cut the mustard when I’m working on a project. I do everything that I possibly can to create a distinct identity through the implementation of these key signature pieces.

2) It sounds obvious, but architects pay more attention to the facades of their buildings over the floor plans. After all, they will most often be judged by that exterior image of the building that the public will see, and the fact that that exterior image will appear in their PR and marketing materials as the symbol of their work. However, it’s my job to stand guard on the interiors. You actually live within the floor plans, you don’t live on a facade.

3) Developers often overlook the height of the lobbies. They want to sell every single floor as residential or commercial units and max out their buildable square footage. But lobby height is very important. A triple high lobby gives off a spacious feeling that projects grandeur and decadence. It’s worth sacrificing a few extra condo units to provide this majestic feeling when residents enter their lobby.

4) They often overlook a gym. Especially in Miami, the land of the endless summer, where skin is on show year round, skimping on space and equipment for a gym is a terrible idea.”

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Kaya Wittenburg, Model, Founder of @Sky5Properties

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