There are plenty of resources for the basics of Rust and for protocol buffers + gRPC, so I don’t want to waste your time with heavy introductions. I want to bring you to action as soon as possible.

If you’re here I’ll make a few assumptions about you.

  • You have basic familiarity with the command line for simple tasks (like listing files with ls)
  • You used web service APIs like REST, GraphQL or gRPC in code you’ve written
  • You’ve skimmed through the official protocol buffers (v3)…

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My experience using Github Actions for CI/CD as a solo contributor

I am using Github Actions to build and deploy my website when I push. That is a classic continuous integration / continuous deployment workflow. It’s convenient to commit, push, and have my site build and deploy as a result. This workflow is simple but only works because I am the only contributor.

Github Actions for CI/CD with Pull Request

It is a good practice to run sanity checks on pull requests prior to merging. How would that be accomplished with Github Actions?

It turns out that you can do this but you need to be very intentional with how your jobs are configured.

In my workflow, I…

Want to migrate your git branches from master to main? Your branch protections, in-progress PRs, and drafts can migrate safely. Follow this simple checklist to confidently make these changes and create a seamless experience for yourself and your developer community.


What’s in a (branch) name?

If you have existing git repos at Github (or any other git hosting platform), you probably have a branch in your repo named master. Starting October 1st, 2020, Github will officially stop their practice of naming the first branch of new repositories master. Instead, the name main will be used from now on.

The usage of master is unfortunately deeply…

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