It’s not all about the barbies on the beach


If you like brunch — meaning Avocados, salmon, poached egg on a sourdough bread and a smoothie you are at the right place!

The whole healthy lifestyle, hipster stream started way earlier in Australia than in Europe resulting that there are so many places that opened where you can actually get some and healthy and good food and not only burgers at ‘Maccas’.

In places like Bondi Beach as well as Northbridge in Perth, there are some cafés and restaurants that are worth going.

Australia, especially Perth has a — if you believe it or not — an actual coffee culture.

I am going to tell you some of my favorite coffee and brunch places to be found in and around Perth CBD.

Ø Tuck Shop Café in Northbridge is a chill café with the best coffee in town and the brunch is amazing. They change their menu almost everyday. They are also very well known for their pies that they always make themselves.

Ø Sprolo in South Perth is roasting their own coffee in the café and it is of course vegan and gluten free friendly. The place is very spacious and the menu is quite small which I think is a good sign showing that what they do is great. They are known for their traditional Singaporean breakfast. but they also offer sandwiches, eggs, juices, coffee and so on.

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ØSayers Sister in Northbridge has a really cool and chill atmosphere. They offer pancakes which are mouthwatering and the usual brunch dishes like the other places. Their breakfast and lunch menu changes due to the season. The style of the café is kind of old school which makes the atmosphere as chill as it is.

Ø Little Bird Cafe in Northbridge is all about healthy food, mostly vegetarian with organic products. It’s the perfect place for breakfast and brunch fans. They also offer amazing cakes that look like from the book — and they are vegan.


I would personally say — Australia’s best food ranges from coffee to brunch to Asian food — and if you are not a vegetarian — the barbeques or ‘barbies’ what the Aussies call them are like culture to them. As soon as it gets sunny outside, everyone gets their sausages, veggies, bread and tomato sauce and not to forget some Victoria Bitter and runs towards to closest beach. You are going to stay there the whole day till the sun sets and you are as red as the prawns you just put on the BBQ. There are more than barbeques but they are still very, very famous for all Australians when it’s summer.

The most famous beaches residents from Perth go to, to have their barbeques are Scarborough Beach, the City Beach or Port Beach.

If you are looking for a place to eat while watching the sunset or just to get some snacks after a beach day, there are many options as well. Some of them are:

Ø Odyssea Café in City Beach is a quite fancy restaurant with breathtaking views and not only nice for dinner but also nice for a snack and a coffe after the beach. But they are known for their coastal dining experience as they say on their website. Having a cocktail after the dinner is also possible and enjoyable.

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Ø Kailis Trigg Café on Trigg Beach is perfect for watching the sunset with a glass of wine. It has really good local fish — they have a big seafood menu that offers all kind of seafood you can ask for. It is right on the beach where you can watch the people in the water — it’s that close.

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Ø Tropico North Beach is a really down to earth place for breakfast, lunch and dinner right at the beach. It’s a very stylish place to eat — perfect for those who want to snapchat or Instagram their food.

If you want to know what events there are in Perth, I will keep you updated on my next blog. See ya !!

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