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I don’t know how many people asked me: “Why are you going to Perth? What’s there to see? Isn’t it in the middle of the outback? Why don’t you go to Sydney or Melbourne, there’s so much more going on!” — I am going to tell you why right here!

I was in Perth for 4 days before my friends and I took off to drive up the coast and to explore more of the Western Australian State. I’m going to tell you about my 4 days in this beautiful city.

First of all, in Perth you can see so much more of the aboriginal culture than in any of the other Australian cities and you still see many Aborigines walking around the city which was fascinating for me to see.

The city is very diverse where you can find all different suburbs and beaches around the Central Business District.

Going around the different suburbs was the best thing for me to see the multicultural society of the city in all kinds of ways.

1st day:

We went to the city centre. Kings Park is worth a visit. It is one of the biggest parks in the world with a beautiful view on the skyline of Perth and the Swan River.

If you want to go shopping, Perth is the way to go. You have King street with all the high-end shops and the shopping centres in Hay and Murray St are worth a visit — all to be found in the CBD (Central Business District). For the more fancy or extravagant wishes, just stroll around the neighbourhoods of Northbridge, Mount Lawley, Leederville, Subiaco or Victoria Park.

The rather wealthy citizens live around Kings Park and in the popular western suburbs that are close to the beach.

Behind Kings park, you will see the most beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean with an amazing view when the sun is setting, such as Scarborough or Cottesloe Beach.

2nd day:

We strolled around the North of Perth, Northbridge which is THE place to be for backpackers. It’s both classy and lively for the locals. But for us, we would go there to enjoy the nightlife and the parties. This would be the place where you are not only surrounded by backpackers but also by local Australians.

You should check out their drinking habits, they just never stop. In every nightclub you go, doesn’t matter which city, you are going to see at least 2 drunk Australians passing out in front of the club, it’s hilarious! It’s not only the English, believe me. The Australians are almost worse.

But anyway, back to the suburbs: To the east you can see the hilly landscape of the Swan Valley and the Perth Hills, which is nice if you want to go for a picnic or maybe a barbie in the park with some bikkies and some stubbies?!

There are several options if you want to get out of the city for a day trip. Just hop on a ferry to the south of Perth. It’s the perfect place to watch the skyline especially at night when the city lights are reflected in Swan River.

3rd day:

On the third day, we thought: “Why don’t we get out of the city for a bit and see something else. At that time, I had heard many people talking about how beautiful Rottnest Island is and that it is a ‘most-go’ when visiting Perth, which is just a ferry ride away from the island.

Rottnest Island is a little island, known for its beautiful snorkelling, swimming, surfing and diving conditions. There are no cars on the island meaning that you can rent bikes and ride around the island, stop and have a look for quokkas, the little marsupials that live there or take a break by going for a swim in the crystal-clear water at one of the beaches.

4th day:

South of the CBD, you will arrive at the green meadows on the banks of the Swan River that borders the actual city centre. If you go about 20 kilometres’ further south-west, you arrive in the alternative place Fremantle.

We went to the south of Perth where we found the charming city of Fremantle, which is a small port city. There are markets everyday within the week offering international food as well as jewellery, clothes, bags souvenirs and everything you can possibly think of. You can also find historical sites in the city for example the prison, which is a must see. It is called Fremantle prison, and is a former Australian prison initially used for convicts coming from Britain.

Think about it, people actually got imprisoned in that place. Isn’t that crazy?!

Further south you can find yourself in the most beautiful wine regions including Margaret River. That’s going to be my next trip, for sure!

Stay tuned!

Cheerio (aussie saying for see ya later) :)

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