Places and their names — observations from 11 million place names

SELECT * FROM geonames WHERE name ILIKE ‘%bad%’

What is GeoNames and what is it good for?

I visualized geographical data on a graph and not a map. Mind-blowing.

Rājekumāravenkataperumālrāzumbahadūrvāripeta and other place I’d like to visit

  • Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu
  • Rājekumāravenkataperumālrāzumbahadūrvāripeta
  • Hangukhwangyeongjeongchaekpyeonggayeonguwon
  • Jainnonghyeopjeontongjangnyugagonggongjang
  • Hangukdambaeinsamgonsasuwonjejochangsawon

Time for some name mapping!

I reeeally like those weird zebra patterns
The search of the ultimate Danish place name
North-West is clearly a place for creeks and coasts are places for rocks.
So this didn’t quite work out I imagined.
Bad. Very bad.
SELECT avg(length(name)), country, count(name) 
FROM geonames
WHERE name NOT LIKE '% %' AND featcode ='PPL'
GROUP BY country
ORDER BY avg asc
Northern France is the ville hotspot!
Yo dawg I heard you like Washington!




I mostly put lines, points and polygons on maps 🌍

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Topi Tjukanov

Topi Tjukanov

I mostly put lines, points and polygons on maps 🌍

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