3 Major Keys for Millennials in Miami

This morning, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the World Business Radio Network Miami (www.WBRNMiami.com). Our discussion was inspiring and I need to share some of what we discussed here.

Miami is the city shining on a non existing hill — a real beacon of hope.

What do you know about Miami? South Beach, Art Deco, nightlife, and sun burns probably come to mind. What if I told you there is another world waiting for you away from the glitz & glam of Ocean Drive and it has more to do with hustle and less to do with your South Beach Snapchat Geofilter.

Miami: Open for Business

Miami is the land of the American Dream and built primarily for hustlers. There is a frenetic energy in this city that is absolutely palpable from the minute you get into an Uber whose driver only speaks Spanish to the extra buzz you get after a cafecito on Calle Ocho. People from all over the world come to Miami to start hustling, to begin anew, and to chase their wildest dreams of a better life for them, their children, and their families back home. People of all walks, ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and income levels come to Miami to see if they can make it. It doesn’t really matter your language and it certainly does not matter how you look. This city is what the world will look like 20 years from now. Really, Miami is a city from the future. Educated millennials are starting to flock here too. Here is where I think they should focus their time:

1) License Up

Miami Real Estate is no joke. The reputation is notorious. But you can do it. Because everyone else can too. Further, get your insurance license. Hustle both at the same time. Be a one stop shop. Having multiple licenses allows you to manage the boom and bust cycle of Miami’s economy. This agility is a major key in the fast paced Miami market. After a few years with your RE License, get your MLO and start calling all of the realtors and letting them know. This is definitely a major key.

2) Kiss the Ring

There aren’t too many traditional jobs in Miami’s slimmed down version of corporate america. However, there is a ton of capital floating around waiting to invest in businesses. Further, the flight of capital from other countries has produced a booming industry of family office representation. Are you a transactional lawyer? Do you have a finance background? Can you handle projects and execute upon them quickly & effectively? If you can do this, and be trusted, one of the many family offices may open up its doors to you. If you get in, you may never want to come out. These jobs are lucrative, sought after, and hard to let go. Be sharp, be smart, and most of all, be loyal.

3) Start a Company

Seriously, start one. Miami has built an incredible ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Universities, Colleges, non-profits, and investors are all salivating to invest their resources into the next generation of Miami entrepreneurs. Launch your company at eMerge Americas. Apply to one of the many Knight Foundation grants. Leverage the network of pitch events, coworking spaces, and capital groups that are popping up all over the city and are eagerly willing to take a risk on your product or service. There are challenges here, just like in any ecosystem. But I find that in Miami, you can be a big fish in a smaller pond (as opposed to Silicon Alley or Valley).

The costs of living in Miami are going up but it is not what you see in LA, New York, San Francisco, or Chicago. Also, traditional jobs here pay too little. If you have the hustle, and the smarts, you can make it in Miami. Plus you have some of the best beaches and nightlife an Uber drive away. I always thought I was crazy for wanting to move back to Miami after college, but now I look at the world and think of everyone else as crazy for not seeing the beautiful opportunity at hand in Miami. Welcome to the City from the future. Welcome to the Magic City Hustle.

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