Loop Messenger’s Principles and Positions (LP’s)

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Loop Messenger’s Principles and Positions

🌱 Introduction: Welcome to our Principles and Positions (LP’s) blog post — a comprehensive guide to the bedrock convictions that underpin our company and community. These positions represent the purpose of our organization, serving as the guiding lights for our reason for being. As you dive into the nuances, we hope you will come to understand the sensible positions to unite our community with the intention to deliver a positive lasting impact to society and the world.

To learn more about our mission, please read Loop Messenger’s Mission Statement.

Our positions are categorized into 3 tiers

  1. 💀 Existential threats to humanity
  2. 🧱 Fundamental issues for a healthy free society
  3. 🗿 Culture wars

To our international users: You will notice many of our positions are focused towards the citizens of the United States. We fully intend to expand our positions beyond the U.S. market as we expand our international audience and each regions needs. In the meantime, we hope you join the app for your messaging needs.

💀 Tier 1: Existential threats

Positions affecting humanity’s most pressing existential threats

  1. 🗳️ Democracy and self rule
    Self-rule with continuously changing representation is a key tenant to maintaining a rules-based world order. Democracy and self-rule versus authoritarianism is a binary relationship. When democracy is expanding, authoritarianism is contracting. If authoritarianism is expanding, democracy is contracting. This binary relationship is an undeniable fact of the world order, and strengthening democracy throughout the world is critical to maintaining peace and free trade across the globe. Authoritarians from various regions, including China and Russia, are attempting to challenge the post-World War II order. While the United States has historically served as a beacon of democracy and human freedoms, it is the collective responsibility of its citizens to ensure that the ideals of democracy thrive and continue to inspire nations worldwide.
    Goal: Rebuild and strengthen democratic institutions and laws
  2. ☀️ Climate change / Pollution
    Climate change, driven by increasing global temperatures, is a global humanitarian concern. Scientific consensus shows that rising temperatures is causing melting ice caps, elevated sea levels, and increased atmospheric moisture. Specifically, for every 1°C rise in global temperature, atmospheric moisture increases by 7%. This added moisture intensifies weather events, leading to more severe storms and weather-related challenges. Regardless of one’s stance on the causes of climate change, it’s essential for humanity to address and mitigate pollution from fossil fuels.
    Goal: Prioritize a swift transition to green energy with a balanced and thoughtful approach as economies transition away from fossil fuels.
  3. 🧠 Threat of AI / Superintelligence
    The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and superintelligence present both opportunities and challenges that could significantly impact humanity’s future. This is a very complicated subject matter and undoubtedly legislative and regulative measures must begin promptly. With each passing day, month, and year, AI is moving towards superintelligence (A superintelligence is an intelligence system that rapidly increases its intelligence in a short time, specifically, to surpass the cognitive capability of human beings) beyond the comprehension of the most knowledgeable humans who have trained these systems.
    Goal: Convene experts in the field to recommend potential guardrails or governmental restrictions.

🧱 Tier 2: Fundamental issues

This category dives into the bedrock issues society grapples with on a daily basis. We’ve outlined thoughtful views and and goals that can pave the way for a free, healthy, and prosperous society. Many of these issues have been ongoing without resolution for more than a half century. If we can’t resolve these, then WTF are we doing?

  1. 🏛️ Accountable Representation/True public service
    Elected officials are prioritizing personal enrichment over public service, leveraging their positions for personal gain. Officials are often acting primarily in the interests of influential special interest groups, compromising the well-being of the citizens they are sworn to represent, primarily to secure their chances of re-election and remaining in a position of power. Furthermore, the erosion of truth in political discourse is pervasive, with many officials frequently resorting to lies and deceit as tools for political advantage.
    Goal: Elect public servants of integrity and principle who are committed to enact restrictions on self enrichment while in office and implement term limits for all elected officials. Let’s end the era of career politicians.
  2. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Abortion / Women’s reproductive rights
    A clear majority of the population in the United States supports the legal right to choose in a defined manner (Gallop, APNews, Axios, Marist). No issue has been leveraged as much to divide society for more than abortion. This issue has often been used as a “Stalking horse” (a false pretext concealing someone’s real intentions) to divide society and distract from other issues). Since Roe vs Wade in 1973 and the 50 years since, this issue has been dividing America unnecessarily. There is general majority support for legalizing a women’s right to choose for some duration of time (12–20+ weeks) during gestation and broader exceptions for rape and incest. After 50 years, definitive Federal level legislation is required to move forward while acknowledging the diverse viewpoints.
    Goal: Federal law and/or constitutional amendment protecting a women's right to choose.
  3. 🤑 Campaign finance / Money in politics
    In 1976 the supreme court (Buckley v. Valeo) determined “Money is speech” and that began a decades long erosion of campaign finance laws. “Speech“ — is defined as “the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds”. There is no other democratic country that defines money as speech, this is an illogical concept that undermines democracy and the “one person, one vote” principle. It’s undeniable that our political system is being exploited by the influence of money to the detriment of it’s citizens. As other mature democracies avoid this conflation, we must urgently rethink and reform our campaign finance landscape.
    Goal: Comprehensive campaign finance reform that both realigns the U.S. with global democratic standards and restores the foundational principle of one person, one vote, ensuring that the influence of money does not overshadow the voices of individual citizens.
  4. 👮🏼‍♀️ Crime and Policing
    The current state of policing and crime in America presents multifaceted challenges. On one hand, many cities are grappling with rampant crime, which necessitates an effective and urgent law enforcement response. On the other, there are deep-rooted concerns about policing practices, particularly in light of high-profile incidents and perceived biases. While ensuring public safety is paramount and addressing pervasive criminal activity is non-negotiable, it’s equally vital to institute policing reforms that guarantee just and equitable treatment for every citizen.
    Goal: Promote effective crime reduction in American cities by implementing policing reforms and enhanced training that fosters trust and guarantees equitable treatment for all citizens.
  5. 🔫 Gun rights / Gun violence / 2nd Amendment (2A)
    The 2nd Amendment, foundational to the U.S. Constitution, guarantees the right to bear arms, an integral part of American culture. At the same time, the pervasive issue of gun violence, impacting Americans daily, has persisted for decades. While the majority of gun owners exercise this right responsibly, they, in collaboration with gun advocacy groups, should spearhead efforts to champion solutions. This includes supporting measures to curb violence and prevent firearms from reaching criminals and the mentally ill. It’s essential for gun owners to discern that some gun rights organizations, motivated more by profit than social responsibility, utilize fear tactics like “the government is coming for your guns” to boost sales during gun control debates. Addressing gun violence demands a united approach, grounded in the core values of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness,” as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. It’s noteworthy that 85–90% of gun owners endorse universal background checks, and a significant majority also support limitations on high-capacity magazines and military-style weapons.
    Goal: Prevent criminals and the mentally ill from accessing firearms, with a focus on preventing mass shootings, while upholding the 2nd Amendment rights for all law-abiding citizens.
  6. 📚 Education
    The American education system faces critical challenges. A predominant reliance on standardized tests that hampers genuine learning, pushing educators to focus on test outcomes rather than fostering holistic learning. This approach often overlooks imparting vital practical skills, leaving many graduates unprepared for everyday challenges. Additionally, the most important resources, our teachers, find themselves undervalued, with compensation often not reflecting their pivotal role. This disparity impacts both teacher morale and the system’s ability to attract passionate educators. Lastly, the pursuit of higher education, though coveted, is increasingly marred by its prohibitive cost, leaving students questioning its value or grappling with substantial debt.
    Reform the education system, emphasizing holistic learning, valuing our educators appropriately, and viewing the affordability of continuing education as a crucial societal investment.
  7. 💊 Health care
    In the U.S., the high costs of health care, especially pharmaceuticals, outpace other developed nations attributed to a lack of price negotiation. Additionally, the system’s focus is more reactive than preventive, tending to treat illnesses rather than investing in their prevention. Private, for-profit health care inherently has a conflict of interest, as these enterprises aim to maximize profits for shareholders, which can sometimes be at the expense of patient care. Conversely, a government health care option could be more aligned with the well-being of its citizens, as healthier citizens often equate to a more productive society, generating more taxes while incurring fewer costs. The alignment of a government option with the overall societal well-being can potentially offer a more balanced approach to health care priorities.
    Goal: Evolve the health care system where every citizen has a right to comprehensive and preventative health care. Introduce a government health option to compete alongside private entities, ensuring affordability, accessibility, and a proactive approach to overall well-being.
  8. 🗺️ Illegal Immigration
    The unmentioned truth is, people typically do not want to emigrate away from their homelands. Illegal immigration is a effect of people being marginalized and oppressed by such things as war, religious persecution, and threats to their families and livelihoods. America is just one of many of countries dealing with masses of illegal immigrants seeking safety and a better life. This issue cannot be solved by solely focusing on border controls and preventing illegal immigrants from entering. Our positions are (1) We are strict supporters of preventing illegal immigrants from entering the country by using the most effective physical, human and technical barriers, however all these options are only stop gaps. (2) Long term Illegal immigration must be addressed at the source, the place where immigrants are originating from. Amongst many options, our Government must have a broad policy to spread the values of freedom, self rule, and support representative governments to maintain law and order and fight corruption.
    Goal: Prevent illegal immigration as much as possible from reaching our borders by various diplomatic means and implement stricter border controls from human, physical and technology means.
  9. 📰 Media/News
    For-profit opinion news openly aligned with competing political ideologies has eroded trust in media and journalism. In the United States and around the world this has been a leading cause of the division of society since the arrival of cable news in the 1980’s and 90’s followed by social media in the 2000’s. News is a vital pillar to democracy and should be considered a public service, and a regulatory framework is necessary to: (1) Counter hate speech, misinformation, and disinformation from bad actors. (2) Restore trust and integrity in journalism. (3) Ensure transparency in reporting, distinguishing between journalists and opinion providers.
    Goal: A comprehensive regulatory framework that upholds the integrity of news, emphasizing its role as a vital public service, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and accountability in journalism.
  10. 💳 National Debt
    View: The U.S. dollar’s unique status as the world’s primary reserve currency enables the nation to manage higher debt levels, a benefit few other countries possess. This privileged position is due to the global demand for dollars, linked to the trust and transparency associated with the U.S. financial system. While there’s talk of “de-dollarization” as a potential threat, in reality, this is more fiction than realistic. No single country or coalition possesses the economic size, market credibility, or transparency to genuinely challenge the dollar’s dominant role. Yet, this doesn’t permit unchecked debt accumulation and we need to begin tighter fiscal prudence, U.S. debt should finance strategic initiatives like infrastructure, education and R&D, while refining entitlement programs and simplifying the tax code for optimized revenue. Importantly, a perpetually balanced budget isn’t the objective; harmonizing debt growth with GDP progression is.
    Goal: Address tax evasion and existing loopholes that contribute significantly to the rising debt. Promote fiscal responsibility by investing in strategic initiatives, refining entitlement programs, and simplifying the tax code to optimize revenue. The overarching aim is to strike a balance between debt reduction and borrowing needs ensuring long term financial stability.
  11. 🗳️ Voting rights
    View: The fundamental right of every adult to vote is often compromised by barriers that disproportionately affect certain demographics, especially minority and economically disadvantaged groups. Tactics such as gerrymandering, stringent ID requirements, and inaccessible polling locations hinder genuine representation. The availability and security of mail-in balloting has become increasingly vital, especially in situations where in-person voting might be challenging or unsafe. Concerns about electronic voting security and potential external interference further undermine confidence in the electoral process, eroding public trust and challenging the foundational principles of democratic societies.
    Goal: Uphold the democratic values at the heart of our society and champion the unhindered right of every adult to vote. This involves eliminating barriers like gerrymandering, ensuring accessible polling locations for all, bolstering voter education, and addressing concerns surrounding electronic voting security and mail-in balloting.
  12. ⚖️ Wealth inequality/Taxation
    Wealth inequality in the U.S. has been exacerbated by factors such as wage disparities, limited access to quality education, and economic policies favoring the affluent. Concentrated wealth often translates into disproportionate political influence, undermining the democratic principle of equal representation. Tax policies, like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2019, benefited the top 1% and major corporations, widening the wealth gap and increasing the national debt. Furthermore, tax evasion deprives the U.S. of over $1 trillion annually. As daily living costs rise, many Americans allocate a significant portion of their income to essentials, challenging the feasibility of achieving milestones like homeownership, higher education, and retirement. Addressing these issues is vital for upholding the promise of the American dream. As John F. Kennedy once said, “a rising tide lifts all ships.” Ensuring economic growth benefits everyone is essential for a prosperous and united nation.
    Goal: Address the foundational issues of wealth inequality, enhancing access to quality education, and reforming tax policies to ensure that all entities, including the wealthiest individuals and corporations, contribute their fair share, empowering every American the opportunity to secure a stable financial future and realize the American dream.

As you may realize, many of the positions are interconnected with one another. Issues related to democracy, immigration, accountable representation, money in politics, national debt, and wealth inequality are dependent on each other and will require coordinated solutions.

🗿Tier 3: Culture wars

View: We unequivocally believe in the fundamental rights and civil liberties of every individual, without exception. While cultural issues are undeniably significant and often exploited by various entities — including political groups, corporations, religious bodies, and foreign governments — to create societal divisions, our company recognizes the sensitivity surrounding these topics. We understand the depth and nuance of these issues and the importance of continued progress.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the strategy of “Divide and Conquer” which is employed by the powerful (often understood as “the oppressors”) to break down unity between subjugated (often racial) groups struggling for justice, freedom, and liberation, in order to maintain the status quo. By understanding this strategy, we become more aware of the potential pitfalls of engaging in cultural wars (Tier 3) that could inadvertently contribute to this divide.

Goal: Our mission will be centered on addressing Existential threats (Tier 1) and the bedrock issues essential for a free and thriving society (Tier 2). While we respect and acknowledge the importance of cultural discussions, we choose to maintain a deliberate distance from the cultural wars (Tier 3) to ensure our efforts aren’t diverted from our core objectives. This approach allows us to concentrate on areas where we believe we can make the most significant positive impact.

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Disclaimer: Version 1.1 (October 22, 2023): This document represents the convictions and beliefs that guide our company and community. As we continue to grow, learn, and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of our society and the world at large, these positions will evolve and expand accordingly.

We deeply value your perspective and encourage constructive input. Please share your feedback and suggestions to enhance our positions. Your voice matters!

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