Hello World

My name is Takuya. Call me TK.

I’m a 24 years old guy living in Melbourne, Australia. My nationality is Japan and I have lived there for 23years. As for the rest 1year, I stayed in Canada. I like dancing and singing. I’m interested in playing music, photography, fashion and technologies. Usually, my interests are the things related to entertainment.

On the other hand, I’m thinking about making my company. I’m not so interested in business things. But I think I need to earn money by myself, if I hope to live the life I love. Actually I’ve worked as a software engineer for about a year in Japan. I started learning programming because I wanted to earn money from anywhere in the world. Due to this experience, I’m earning money from remote working now.

However, I prefer to make money with what I really really love to do. I noticed that through my 24years life experience. So I reset my life and added some of my interests and memories on it. I don’t even know where I will settle down. At the same time, I’m very excited about what’s happening in my life.

Hello World.

I eat 2 fucking sandwiches everyday. lol

One more thing I need to tell you is this.

See ya :)

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