Winnie Pan
1 min readMay 6, 2023

My first vinyl record player — RetroLife R612

There is a record player at my friend’s house. Every time I go there, I hear music played on vinyl records. Accompanied by the unique rustling sound of the empty road, the texture is really different. It seems to bring you to that time and space. Let you feel as if you are in the scene to listen. So later, I also wanted to own a vinyl record player.

I realize that the RetroLife today integrates the interests and needs of vinyl lovers into the vinyl design concept, and also appropriately incorporates the trendy elements of popular young personalities.As a beginner,I chose R612 model.

Appearance Gallery

There are three colors.But I prefer Red Brown!


Record Players With Speakers.This R612 provides exceptional sound quality with 2 full-range stereo speakers.

Record player with bluetooth.I can listen to the music I want at any time after sensitively and fast pairing my phone with this turntable system.

Experience Feelings

Since I bought this record player, I found that I love vinyl record players!The sound is beautiful and crisp, just what I wanted.For me,this is the best modern record player for a beginner.