The moon peeks through trees at Tyler State Park.

Quick Update — 2/22/16

As has often occured in fits and starts, never fully materializing, I have the urge to put fingers to keys and record some thoughts. My last post was over a year ago after I had purchased a new DSLR camera and attempted to get anything beyond amateurish results out of it. In the time since skills have been honed, style has been forged, and an omnipresent passion has developed (pardon the pun, arcane as it may be).

A prime hammock position, occupied my now-fianceé Ashley. 11/8/14

This is the first image I took on this camera that I thought was really any good. Up until this point I had only ever been interested in landscape and night photography so, on a day trip to McKinney Falls State Park, I felt I would be in my element. But I’ve been known, from time to time, to grab what I deem to be a good candid portrait shot.

Ashley, her blanket, and her sneakers.

Portrait photography has since become a theme of this hobby of mine, much to the simultaneous delight and dismay of those around me. I think this stems from the same reasoning that inspired me to pick up a camera in the first place.

My parents, in their office closet, have a Sterilite 40 Gallon storage tub filled with 4x6 prints from their early years of marraige and of their ensuing children. Every so often that box is dragged out, “scuffing (my mother’s) hardwood floors!” This ability to delve into a seemingly endless trove of memories, my parents happily filling in whatever gaps in memory we may have, is something I want for my own family and friends.

Kosmo’s introduction to his new home — Christmas 2014
Grandmommom — Thanksgiving 2014

Notice, though, these are not posed or staged; though posing or staging is not inherently bad. My style, however, tends to be candid and photodocumentary.

In the last year I have also had my first use of pro level lenses. The Sigma 50mm F/1.4 is an incredible lens and is now among my favorite. I refer you back to Kosmo.

Kosmo, doped on painkillers after his rite of puppy-passage, naps under the desk at my parents house.

This lens was able to get me in tight and evoke an emotion from this moment, a lesson I’ve been learning at a painfully slow rate. Photos are the most powerful when they tell a story and cause an emotional reaction. Kosmo had just been neutered and was on painkillers. As anyone would in such a state, he sought a place of comfort and security, which so happened to be at my mother’s feet while she used the computer.

As I look back at 2015, I have to say that in the last year and a half this hobby of mine has come quite a long way. So in an effort to keep shooting and trying new things I will try to more regularly photo-blog — even if I am my only reader.

The next few posts will likely be annotations of 2015 favorites but I’ll post new stuff as it occurs.

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