Blockchain Tokens and the dawn of the Decentralized Business Model
Fred Ehrsam

Solving the dual-sided networks chicken & egg problem is probably one of those multiple & unexpected Bitcoin breakthrough. Just imagine the up & downs Paypal had to through with eBay to get started. PayPal could have died many times in the process.

Another critical view : this allows a fair “value distribution” across the very communities that make today’s centralized networks valuable. Should not Google distribute a bit of value to those millions of online users searching (certainly free) and letting it capture their “intentions” that advertisers are paying billions for? I think this notion of re-distributing value is a major shift…as online users are conscious that many “free of charge” services extract a lot of value from them. It is the “fair trade” of the Internet.

The case of Storj shows another important new element (i believe): the coin as a real-life utility, in a sector, not so much as a currency. Airtime (for communications), Miles (transportation), XBytes (for file storage), etc …get their value from millions of hungry users in a sector, not so much from “investors or speculators”. This not only makes these apps more “regulator friendly” but add a serious utility angle to crypto currencies.

my two cents.

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