Wednesday night call or doctors who care..

It was a Wednesday night. February 13, 2013. Around 9 pm. My phone rang. “Unknown number” showed up on a screen.

I answered. Was surprised to hear a voice of my doctor.

Chain of thoughts raced through my mind:

  • I have 9 am appointment with him tomorrow am — maybe he wants cancel or reschedule?
  • Is he going to ask me to come with family member?
  • OMG — what happened?

There was a reason for me to be worried. A week ago this doctor performed a surgery on me. Cancer surgery. And I was suppose to see him on Thursday for a week after the surgery followup.

“Hi Tatyana” — voice on a phone. “This is your doctor. I know you probably can’t sleep and worried about the stage of your cancer that we couldn’t tell you before. I just got all the tests back and called you to tell that you will be OK — we caught it on time! Sleep well!”

I was chocking. But squeezed: “Are we still meeting tomorrow am?”.

“Of course!” — he responded.

I realized then that there is a difference between people who perform surgeries or treat people and real DOCTORS with all capital letters — DOCTORS who care!

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