Why FED is dead.

USA economy is about to collapse. The game is over. The government does not want to admit that we are already in a recession. But Wall Street does not bother. It did not bother in 2007, too. Why? Because everybody believes the same lie. And when everybody believes a lie then everybody thinks it is true. And the lie is that borrowing money makes the economy grow. Fortunately, this strategy is not sustainable and FED will have to admit that it does not work and that they lied. But they are not going to do that. Instead, they are going to blame business owners. In 2008 they blamed banks for greed but they encouraged the banks to borrow money. Below a list of lies that we hear today on the news:

Inflation is good for the economy.

Of course it is not good, it is the worst thing that can happen. When money loses its purchasing power people stop saving money and rush to spend before the prices go even higher. But it is good for a greedy goverment that wants to cheaply finance its warfare plans.

Deflation is bad.

Of course, it is good! Deflation means stronger currency and a wealthier society with good savings. But it is bad for a greedy goverment that wants to print easy money.

Inflation is at 2–3%.

No, it is not. Real inflation is at about 8–10%.

Quantitative easing works great.

Nope. QE is another word for printing money and printing money is one step before hyperinflation. We all know how it ends.

For all those who still believe in FED, please think twice and get rid of your dollars because very soon they will lose their purchasing power. Take care of your savings and prepare for the worst crash in decades. Thank you FED.

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