‘App’y Times Ahead?

If you are someone like me who is addicted to online shopping (both mobile and web), you might have surely come across something like this “Extra 20% off on mobile apps only.” Ever wondered why this sudden shift and focus on mobiles based applications?

  • Apps offer deeply personalized experiences
  • On the move purchase decisions - promoting momentary purchase behavior
  • Easy targeting and more info about the consumer - customized offers and promotions
  • Rich data capture - browsing history, tastes and preferences
  • One time sign up process and quick checkouts
  • Wallet and other payment method integrations
  • Smaller screen size - leads to quick decision making - better conversion rates than desktop
  • Push notification (how many times have I purchased things because of this!)
76% users report that they are more likely to read a message sooner if it’s an sms/text message than an email — Source SAP

The current scenario

Now, lets take a little peep at the stats. The Mobile Internet in India has anticipated that there would be 500 million users who will be accessing internet by 2018.

One of India’s major player in Fashion shopping, Myntra has announced that it will go mobile only, starting May 15.

It seems that Myntra already generates more than 90% of the traffic and 70% of its orders are from its mobile application and so does other ecommerce companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Quikr etc. This could be the key factor influencing the companies to consider being app-only platforms.

“The mobile app is like my own personalized shop that understands my tastes and needs to which I have 24x7 access .”

While these are some of the good things for the companies, there are few drawbacks also — Too many push notifications, Limited discovery of products, Less space and processing power for 40 odd apps in a smartphone. Hence, there is a high chance of the user uninstalling the app which definitely is not a good thing for the ecommerce companies who plan to go desktop free with a stand alone mobile app.

With mobile, there is always the advantage of checking out stuff at your leisure. Be it inside a board room, the airport lounge or while baby sitting! But can the mobile completely replace the web presence? Will the users be comfortable trading bigger and more expensive products on the go? Will the m-commerce be the next Big thing? Well, I am just as curious as you are ☺

Till then Happy Shopping!

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